Beverage Air Top 20 R290 Service Company

Beverage Air Top 20 R290 Service Company

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Congratulations you have been selected as one of Beverage Air’s Top 20 R290 Service Companies.

RSI just received a Top 20 designation from Beverage Air.  This allows us to help our customers while providing them peace of mind.  Our customers can work on their business knowing we have them legitimately covered.

Here is a copy of the email we received from Beverage Air.


Good afternoon,

Here at Beverage Air we would like to recognize our top twenty R290 certified Service Companies, across the United States. We are sending R290, so that you can continue to service our customers. We understand that R290 can be hard to obtain in certain areas.  So please accept our token of appreciation to continue to service Beverage Air Units. You should receive the order of R290 soon.


Thank you for being a part of the Beverage Air Family and keeping our customer happy,


Kiana Hairston

Ali Group North America – Refrigeration Division
Warranty Dispatch/Follow up

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