McKesson Commercial Refrigeration Installation

RSI provides commercial refrigeration installation services.  These range in size from small Mom & Pop shops all the way up to large-scale industrial distribution centers. One of these larger scale distribution centers is for McKesson. McKesson provides pharmaceutical distribution for branded, generic, and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to thousands of customers around the world.   One such distribution center has been built in Dallas Texas.  This [...]

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Value Over Price

Value Over Price; Create the Relationship! Which is better?  Price or a relationship based on long-term value?   In today’s world of instant access and online price shopping, sometimes it makes sense to slow down and look at the overall value of those decisions on your business.  Scott Hester makes an excellent case for Value over Price in an article published at FesMag.  Scott [...]

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Bryan Dodge speaks at RSI

RSI brings in Transformational Speaker Bryan Dodge Bryan Dodge Speaks to RSI, CES, and Sani-Servant employees as a way for RSI to help train and engage better with their clients. RSI continues to put money into its employees to help them excel at helping their customers. To realize their desire to continue improving their employees, RSI brought in motivational speaker Bryan Dodge, of [...]

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Beverage Air Top 20 R290 Service Company

Congratulations you have been selected as one of Beverage Air's Top 20 R290 Service Companies. RSI just received a Top 20 designation from Beverage Air.  This allows us to help our customers while providing them peace of mind.  Our customers can work on their business knowing we have them legitimately covered.    Here is a copy of the email we received from Beverage [...]

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Chic Fil-A Chose RSI to install their Walk-In Freezer

Who does Chic Fil-A Choose to install their Walk-In’s? RSI of Course! Whom does a fast food provider call when they need to update their restaurant walk-in cooler and walk‑in freezer?  Refrigerated Specialists, Inc.  The same people you can call for your needs. Chic Fil A is a major player in the Fast Food business.  When they place a restaurant in a market, [...]

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Harlowe Coming Soon to Deep Elum

A First Look at Harlowe in Deep Elum Harlowe in Deep Elum wanted a Dramatic Look for their new Space. We'll keep you posted on how it turns out.  But for now, here is a teaser image of the new space. When you need a dramatic look. RSI can help you determine the right equipment and draft beer system to fit your [...]

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Walk-In Cooler Installation

We are often asked what is required for walk-in cooler installation. This document will give you an overview of what is required once you specify your walk-in cooler.  We will discuss the specification, delivery, and installation of your walk-in cooler. Walk-in coolers are a mainstay of most food service establishments, whether it is a restaurant, stadium, school, or medical facility. Frequently accessed cold [...]

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What is a Beer System?

Walk into almost any establishment today, and you will likely see draft beer being served.  It is so common we do not think about what it means to install, service, and operate a draft beer system. Draft Beer Systems “What is a draft beer system exactly?” and “What is a draught beer system?” These are two questions we frequently answer because [...]

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Draft Beer vs. Draught Beer; What’s the Difference?

Is there a difference between Draft and Draught when referring to beer? What is the difference between a Draft Beer System and a Draught Beer System?  Which one is better? Some people are confused by the different spellings and pronunciations of the two words.  However, there are some differences and some similarities as you will see below. Here is Wikipedia's take Draft and [...]

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Draft Beer System Cleaning: Part 2-Equipment & Procedures

Part 2: Draft Beer System Cleaning Equipment and Procedures Recap of Part 1: In Part 1, we talked about all beer systems requiring cleaning and maintenance.  We covered chemical safety procedures, design considerations, replacing lines, the frequency of cleaning (every two weeks and every quarter), the difference between acid based and caustic based cleaning, and the three types of cleaning (flow, static, and mechanical).  [...]

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