Bryan Dodge speaks at RSI

Bryan Dodge speaks at RSI

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RSI brings in Transformational Speaker Bryan Dodge

Bryan Dodge speaks at RSIBryan Dodge Speaks to RSI, CES, and Sani-Servant employees as a way for RSI to help train and engage better with their clients.

RSI continues to put money into its employees to help them excel at helping their customers. To realize their desire to continue improving their employees, RSI brought in motivational speaker Bryan Dodge, of Dodge Development.

Bryan specializes in consulting and motivating families and businesses.  Although RSI is a business, they treat their employees as family.

The training Bryan provided is different than the technical nature of factory training. And, different then the CFESA certified training they provided to their technicians.

This training is for everyone in the company, yet it benefits the clients the most in the long term.

If RSI continues to train and motivate their employees to help them improve, imagine the dedication they bring to helping you win!

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