CFESA Certified Technicians

CFESA Certified Technicians

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What does “Proud to Wear the Patch” mean?

The “Patch” means that CFESA Certified Technicians are above the competition with extensive training. The “Patch” distinguishes the company and individuals accomplishments through training and certification from peers and competition in the marketplace that are not CFESA certified. Knowledge that a technician wearing the patch is factory certified and above the level of a non-certified technician. The customer has confidence knowing the technician is not wasting their money or time.

What does “Proud to Wear the Patch” mean to the customer?

The CFESA Certified Technician Patch provides the customer with an instantly recognizable symbol that shows the technician coming to fix their equipment knows what he is doing and will quickly and efficiently get the customer back on line. A CFESA Certified Technician Patch provides the customer with the assurance that their technician has knowledge and accountability.  Additionally the technician is factory trained.

Scott Hester and Mike Via Promote the CFESA Certified Technicians “Proud to Wear the Patch” Initiative

Mike Via talking about the CFESA certified technicians "Wear the Patch" Initiative.
Being CFESA Certified is like having Sergeant-stripes or being a Corporal. It sets the technician apart from the competition.

Why should you Request a CFESA Certified Technician?

As a customer, you should request a CFESA Certified Technician for their responsiveness, their level of knowledge and accountability, and their skill set.  This will allow them to assess the issue and get answers and results in the shortest time possible. The patch provides the customer with an instant assurance that the technician coming to work on their equipment knows how to assess the issue and how to fix the issue efficiently without wasting time or money.