Gene Simmons Lickin’ Cold Brews Served Up By RSI
48 tap beer system installed by RSI of Mesquite.

Gene Simmons Lickin’ Cold Brews Served Up By RSI

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RSI Installs Beer system for Rock and Brews in The Colony

Rsi installed a 48 tap through the wall beer system for the new Gene Simmons, Rock and Brews restaurant in The Colony recently.  The system is mounted directly through the walk in cooler wall to keep the distance to the tap as short as possible. This keeps the beer as cold as possible until it is served.


Search: Gene Simmons restaurant the colony

If you search for “Gene Simmons restaurant the colony” you will find articles for the opening festivities,  articles on the concept, and why it is in Texas. Here are a few links that might be of interest in getting up to speed.

The Dallas Observer article covers the food and beverage stuff.  The Fox News Article is an interview with Gene Simmons himself talking about the restaurant with a bonus regarding his daughter.  Then there is the direct link to the restaurant site itself for the menu and happenings.


48 Tap Beer System

Here is a Close Up of the 48 Tap through-the-wall beer system for Gene Simmons restaurant the colony.  This shows the customer side or the operation along with the clean, classy look RSI achieved with the stainless backer for Rock and Brews.

Gene Simmons restaurant the colony 48 Tap Beer System
Close Up of the 48 tap beer system installed by RSI of Mesquite for Gene Simmons Restaurant The Colony.