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Refrigeration Parts

At RSI—Refrigerated Specialists, Inc., We specialize in supporting our customers and clients. Therefore, we keep a small stock of wear and tear parts on hand to keep you up and running.

We don’t push parts sales. We leave that to the people who specialize in the commercial refrigeration parts business.

We also have a supply of parts on hand to support our Performance Maintenance Solutions.

We can help with warranty returns and return manufacture authorization (RMA) when those needs arise. We are here to help make your business run as smoothly as possible.

Call Us Toll Free and let us discuss your Refrigeration Parts needs.

Toll Free — 888-TOO-WARM x104  (888) 866-9276 x104

Phone  —  972-279-3800 x104 (Parts)
Phone  —  972-279-3800 x3 (Service)
Fax  —   888-349-2673